Since today, (oy yeah, today!!), I will start blogging in a serious way– not ranting over nonsense matters or mundane trivia anymore. I will start blogging about all the interesting snippets that I’ve collected everyday.

Monday is always the day I hate most in a week, and many people do as well, right? Monday is called ‘the brain dead day’ not for nothing, right? It’s right after an amazing weekend, and is the beginning of a long working week. I always have to drag myself to the office in Monday, regain a little bit energy in Tuesday, Wednesday and then get on high spirit and anticipation during Thursday then Friday. Monday is ‘the dead-fish day’ for me, because I look absolutely tired and sleepy on Monday. Anyway, today is Monday; however, this Monday is different: I don’t have to work in office!!! Oh yeah, my damn boring, gloomy office. Thanks to the power outage, which happens once a month in my office, I have free wills to work from home or work in café till 2pm. The only pros (I used to consider it cons) of working in a start-up and your start-up office is located on the residential area with high density is that you have to experience the power outage once or twice per month. Oh yes, welcome to Vietnam, babe! When I used to work in my former company in District 7, I never once experienced the power outage, or they could be but the whole building had the back-up power source.

When I saw that the power outage happens not occasionally but in a monthly basis, I decided to have a list coming with that occasion : How to celebrate the monthly power outage. It’s also a way to celebrate third world’ problems, right? I felt myself lucky somehow. 😉 Therefore, I set up a list of café shops in HCM that I should visit for each time I can escape from my damn boring office to work outside. I feel myself blessed because: 1/ HCM is home to various, unique café shops with lots of different styles in terms of the coffee and the interior design, and 2/ I don’t have much time at weekend to explore café shops in district 1 as I live so far from the centre.

Today, to celebrate the first monthly power outage of September, I listed out three café I wanted to visit: Air Lounge D.7, The Morning Café D.1 and the Workshop Coffee D.1. At first I picked the Air Lounge because it’s airy, open-spaced and very near from my house. Also, the view of Air Lounge is very romantic which I love most about District 7. However, when thinking back and forth, considering the time and travelling distance also the space, I again rode to my last option, as I wanted to see how awesome the drip-brewed coffee in The Workshop Coffee. Once again, I’m such a sucker for coffee. Awww, it’s such a super duper long introduction to talk about a café…. Hmmm.

The first drawback of the Workshop Coffee is parking your bike. It’s not a surprise to me as this coffee shop is located in the centre, right at the centre of District 1 so parking is nothing short of a hassle. It was pretty easy to find The Workshop, 27 Ngo Duc Ke, right near Me Linh Point and Sheraton. Strangely though, I have never been to this place before because it’s so easy to miss this tiny place. After trying to park my bike, I went into the place and walked a number of stairs to the third floor, bypassing two desolate shops and bars on two first floors, which were closed for a while. On the third floor, I got welcomed by a totally different space. It’s like you walked into a tiny house with a tiny door, but then when you open the door to its room, the door opening to a giant dreamland like in the fantasy movies :). And the Workshop Coffee Shop is that misterious room; it was pretty big and bright, giving a sense of open space thanks to the high ceiling and minimal interior design. The windows with green shades of trees behind gave an utterly feeling of fresh and peacefulness.

I preferred the slot with greener view; however, it meant I had to be sandwiched between two other occupied tables so I turned to the table at the corner. The corner place turned out to be pretty good and romantic too. Not bad at all!! I really enjoyed the view thanks to the green shades of trees outside, the violet shades of flower bush on the old hotel at the opposite, and a clear blue sky. That’s just simply awesome. I ordered a cup of hot cappuccino as usual, and a slice of tiramisu. As advertised, the coffee beans were hand grinded and brewed. The coffee I drank was not from the drip-brewed bottle, so I couldn’t judge that type of coffee yet. The cappuccino I chose was very good, rich and creamy. The tiramisu was soooo good although I am not really a fan of tiramisu. This morning, I craved for a slice of apple pie, but now I changed my mind. The tiramisu simply rocked my Monday; it was so good, fresh and rich in taste. The music and the noise was just loud enough, creating a perfect atmosphere for me to write and roam. This kind of atmosphere was so different from the gloomy and doomy view in my office, with noisy music played by the designers. I was so different from the rest in my office as I was the only copywriter. For designers, they love loud and upbeat music when they need to concentrate. But for me, the loud or upbeat music keeps distracting me from producing words and ideas. Yeah, but I couldn’t do anything except escaping from them and sacrifice my honour and dignity haha. They would tell that I was becoming slack, but it’s fine for me because I found that I could write four times better when I was away from that dimly lit, depressing office.

Sorry that my photos can’t do the justice for the coffee shop as I was too shy to use my camera in a proper way. I was afraid to disturb other people with my flash or camera.





The Workshop Cafe’s information

27 Ngo Duc Ke, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City , Vietnam

Apart from taking a sip of the heavenly cup of joe, you can also get the cakes, sandwiches, and salad.