I really love our apartment, actually, not for the apartment itself but for the its location. Living in Nha Be grants us a tons of things; the location generously offers us a grand view to the vast greenfield, the blue clear sky. Besides, the area is only 10-minute drive to District 7, one of the most prosperous districts of Saigon. District 7 is very much different from other districts of Saigon. It was not authentically Vietnamese, to be honest, because a large percent of residents in district 7 is covered by foreigners (mainly Korean expats) and upper-class locals. The district is popular destination for a wealthy and healthy lifestyle. Still, I don’t live in district 7 aha, I just happen to live really near that area. So, I enjoy a lower housing cost thanks to living in a rural area and, in meanwhile, the short distance to a great diversity of restaurants, malls and cafe. Most of my friends don’t like district 7 or the area I’m living in because these two areas are so far from the authentic Vietnamese lifestyle. Nowhere can be seen the loud and lively open market, or the street food carts or the low-cost dining courts that you can find in every street of district 1, 2 or 3 in Saigon. I’m living so far from the Saigonese hustle and bustle. Sometimes, I miss that hustle and bustle, but most of the time I feel myself blessed for having peacefulness and quietness. I have had enough during 8 hours working in the centre, so ‘no, thanks!’ for the rest of my day.

Yes, I am a sucker for coffee, especially cappuccino. There’s one article on Times about which type of your coffee favourite will talk about your personality. My favourite coffee of all types is a hot cup of cappuccino, which in turns tells that I’m a obsessive and controlling person, being creative and high motivated, making excellent friends but getting bored with unimaginative friends. Well, I am not sure about how the ingredients and layers of cappuccino would be related to my controlling, or obsessive traits. But I think it says correct stuff about myself, at least about my friend circle. What is your favourite coffee and what the infographics says about your personality linked with your favourite coffee? I’m curious.

Talking about coffee and cafe, I prefer cafe with minimalistic touch to the interior design, and on top of that the coffee has to be great. The sound background (music and noise) comes second and the cakes come third. I have been to several places with top-notch interior designs, or truly detailed design with special themes or something. But then I get let down by the coffee, their true hero, which tastes just as good as the instant coffee I get at home. It could be those cafe spend too much money in the interior and then have to turn to the last resort of using instant coffee or low-end coffee beans. The coffee and the background are two only things to make me back to the store or leave it for good. Luckily, the coffee shops in district 7 pay utmost care to the quality of coffee and the quiet ambience, which have given me a great deal of comfort for my writing. There are many cafe in district 7, which are operated by expats or Vietnamese locals. There are three cafe I have loved  so far are Master’s Cup, MOF, Highland Coffee. And lately, Awesome Coffee has been added to my list. I will start my review of cafe in District 7 with the Awesome Coffee first because , well, I am writing this post sitting in the Awesome Coffee now. My posts about other cafe will be coming soon.

Awesome Coffee is a small cafe, located on the big street Nguyen Van Linh of district 7. It was very popular among the people in district 7 for its homey, quiet atmosphere and  good coffee. Also, it was operated by a Korean so the Korean people love coming to this cafe. There are not much to talk about the interior design of this cafe as it was simply decorated. If you don’t intentionally look for that cafe, you will easily pass by without noticing. It was small cafe without any showy decoration outside to divert your attention on the road. But when I walked into the shop, I was welcomed with a different atmosphere. A quiet, calming and laid-back atmosphere with the coffee aroma stayed there, dancing subtly. There are some shops trying to emphasize their rich coffee aroma by over-roasting coffee beans often to make you feel overwhelmed by the smell. But this shop did not. The shop just simply roasted and ground the coffee beans as the orders came. That gave me a lovely scent of coffee , neither overwhelming nor underwhelming. Enough dose of everything.

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(My favourite pic though it’s not related to the coffee. But I just love the shade!) 

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Their coffee beans were carefully selected, roasted and ground on every order. Peeking at the counter, I could see that they did everything with care and passion. There was no surprise that my cappuccino turned out to be really good. More, it was pretty typical of Korean coffee or just my assumption: they put a little bit of cinnamon into the coffee. It smells great, tastes rich. What can make me any happier than a good cup of hot cappuccino?

The tiramisu was very rich with the creamy cheese and coffee. From the picture, you can see how rich and moist of each layer in the tiramisu. I heard that tiramisu is what the shop’s specialty. And I approve this rumor!;)  I find it tastes good and smells great too.  Well, but to be honest, no tiramisu can top the tiramisu in The Workshop Cafe. I give this store 6 stars, and I will revisit the store when my writing mood needs an enough blend of quietness and noise.

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 (More spotlight for the tiramisu guy then)

If you happen to go to district 7, this place worth your visit for a cup of hot coffee and a slice of tiramisu. 😉