I have never been  a tea person; I’m always a coffee addict. I can never get tired of the rich, strong taste and the overwhelming, warm, earthy smell of coffee. I just can’t. However, today, I decided to have a break from coffee, a ‘tea break’. I went to my usual favourite cafe M.O.F , a Japanese cafe and desserts restaurant in District 7. This place used to have a quaint and quiet feel, now turns to be loud and lively thanks to its spot-on desserts and tea. As a way to retreat from the hustle and bustle mood of a sunny Saturday in my neighbourhood, I chose a small table at the corner. After nervously flicking through the menu, I decided to order a tea combo, a peppermint-flavoured black tea set accompanied with a slice of double chocolate orange cake.

Honestly, I felt a little bit nervous while waiting for the tea to come. I have never drunk tea before, no, I meant black teapot in a cafe. I drink matcha a lot of time, but it seems different this time. It’s black tea, and in a tea-pot!  The first experience made me quite nervous. Would it be a let down ? What if I don’t like the taste? What if the tea is too bland for my taste bud? The questions kept rolling in my head. I was anticipating and then I thought about my state of ordering tea. I always found tea was quite bland and …slow. I felt myself growing old for ordering tea instead of coffee. Hahaha no offence intended for tea people; this is just what I feel about myself, ok?; ) Having a teapot , with the book in hand, I could imagine that I was living in European cottage in the freezing winter. Sipping the bitter hot tea while sitting in the rocking chair, clearing my throat and turning pages whilst the fire in the fireplace has tiny crackling, and oh,  outside  the window is  a pit black sky littered with white dots of falling snow. That scene reminded me of Finland so much. That’s what i imagined while waiting for the tea pot to come amid the sunshine rushing to my table, the fading noise of people talking and laughing at the other part of cafe. “That silly girl is daydreaming” – I could expect someone would say that when looking at my face.

Dahhdah, finally, the tea set came. The china cup was lovely with a pure white colour and with the curves on edges. The taste was much better than what I expected. It surprised me that I got along so well with the tea and cake. The tea gave off a pleasant peppermint and tea scent. The taste was light, and not neither too bland nor too bitter. It’s the perfectly right amount of taste and scent. The slightly sweet and bitter aftertaste lingered on my tongue, making me feel refreshing and warm.

The cake is rich and flavourful; it complimented the tea perfectly. I couldn’t complain more. The tea combo was pleasant and lovely for a sunny Saturday. I wished it would rain that time so I could feel the fresh warmth from the tea. Now, I’m a  sucker for tea as well. Yikessss!

2014-12-13 11.60Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

I took pictures of the tea set but unfortunately, I couldn’t find a better spot to get the light and shade in better conditions. Though I intentionally wanted to go with the rustic, moody feel, the pictures turned out to be more of “pleasant” and “bright”. Hope that this feel is still lovely for an afternoon tea break. (It’s super sunny and warm in our place today. I can’t believe it’s December already!!!)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset