When I started creating this hello-ringo blog, there’s one question that my friends ask and I keep mulling over in my mind:  what kind of blog I write about? Should Hello-Ringo be a food blog where I write about food recipes (which I horribly suck at ) or restaurants and such? I seriously don’t know. Should my blog become a place full of though-provoking, and inspiring (yet sound cliche to me) talks ? I seriously don’t know either, and I’m no way designed to be a life coach. So, I better rule out the second option then. People say that you should lead a themed blog so you can keep up your stable audienes. I struggle with consistency and I easily get bored when I have to write up every post related to one thing or another. I don’t know whether this blog is for me or for something else.

And then it just came to me : I dont’t  have to write blog for others to read; I just write for me to read. To please myself, to start with. And that’s the reason behind Hello-Ringo: a place for me to jot down all my stories, my feelings and such. It would be awesome if I have viewers because it means that there are some people interested in my gibberish talking. I love to write stories; I will write stories from fiction to non-fiction. I don’t want to be anyone’s life coach or lecturer, or the inspiration source ; I will never advise you to do or not to do anything. I’m a kid inside, and I will always be. Be foolish and confused. 🙂

I want to write about my life like a journey, a chronicle of life-time experiences. That’s my goal for this blog. This blog will be a place for me to look back in the next 5 years or 10 years, and then I could feel that I didn’t really waste my youth at all.

Happy new year 2015 to Hello-Ringo 🙂