It has been 9 months since my last post. Wow, seriously! I felt very terrible for letting my blog collect cyberdust for the past 9 months. However, for the past 9 months, I have been under a lot of ups and downs (financially and emotionally):) I hope that’s a good excuse. Just in the last 6 months of 2015, my life was more ‘interesting’ than the 6 years before that combining lol.

+) I quit job , then I enrolled a chocolate-making school to learn how to make chocolate treats. Yummy. It was a great time for me to play around with chocolate. After the class and practice, I know that  chocolate is a difficult pal but once you manage to handle it, the outcome worths all your effort. Everyone thought that I was crazy, but I never regretted spending money and time in experimenting with something that new and interesting as chocolate 😉

+) I quit a long-term relationship. 6 years for a relationship is not either too long nor too short; however, for relationship, time is relative, right?:)  Our relationship ended and it just happened. Every one pitied me because he was a big cheater. And I told everyone, it’s life and it happens. I don’t want to say this but deep down, I was so glad about the ending. I felt like I had been emotional hostage to my ex-partner in the past 6 years haha, and now I am free:) I was glad to end  a relationship that has nothing great and nothing wrong.

+) I left my home country again. After months of working on my business project on chocolate to find out that I’m not ready for it, I took a pause to leave everything behind (relationship, business etc.). I needed to clear my mind. I went to Dalat, Highland of Vietnam, to have a getaway trip. Traveling alone helped me realise one thing: no matter where we go, we can never run away from our thoughts and heavy soul. I paused and thought about all the past memories, and it hit me: I wanted to back to Finland – the country that my ex partner asked me to leave with him while I didn’t want. I wanted to go back to Finland where I used to find myself so comfortable and calm there. And now I’m in Finland again:) This time, I may not feel as calm and peaceful as I used to, but I still find myself comfortable in this land. I want to say that it’s not necessary to define your home country as a place you feel belonging to. For me, it’s Finland for now. In future? Let’s see it then. Life is in a constant change that we are just live in it:)

To sum up, I don’t QUIT my blog. I still see that my posts; especially the post “Top Japanese food movies”, are still visited by many people around the world. So glad about that. I will continue my blogging soon:) How’s about writing about this Funland?;) The featured image is taken when I was on my way to visit my cousin in Pori : )