It has been more than three months since the date I backed to Finland – the funland you can imagine πŸ˜‰ To get straight to the point, one thing in Finland I always find close to my heart is that Finland is a country for coffee lovers. Here, nearly every one drinks coffee, and people can drink coffee anytime anywhere. I love the coffee culture in Finland, and I will keep writing about the coffee culture here πŸ™‚

But first, I want to talk about the cafe in places that are not specially designed for coffee. When I was in Vietnam, coffee is a big culture there as well. However, in Vietnam, we talk more about cafe and places that sell coffee. We don’t think about cafe in library and schools : ) But in Finland, I love the cafe in universities and libraries. The cafe in universities, libraries and museums here are designed with so much personalities and elegance to create a lovely, comfortable environment for reading books and enjoying coffee. Oh one more note, books in city libraries here are free to borrow and the selection is profound and huge.(love love)

To me, there’s nothing more enjoyable than borrowing novels and enjoy the books right in the cafe inside library. Good, affordable coffee and free good books = a perfect combination.

My current quest is to explore the cafe in the libraries in Helsinki city. The cafe I often visit is Itakeskus library, which is so close to my apartment. The cafe in this library is STOA cafe , which has a lovely , funky tone in design:) If you happen to visit Helsinki and you are a bookworm, why you don’t have a library-cafe tour ?;) You will be amazed how wonderful the interior design of the cafes in these libraries.




Will update soon about other cafe’ in Helsinki:)