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Top Japanese movies about food

I’m obsessed about food, from the main dish to the tiny desserts, from the cuisine of East to West, from the food’s taste to the presentation. Apart from eating and Pinning constantly pictures about food, I spend hours in watching movies about food. Movies about food calm me, excite me and inspire me. Speaking about food movies, can I say Asian directors have flair for making food movies in terms of content and aesthetic sides? And among the Asian food movies, the Japanese films are specially crazy about food. Japan is a country that is crazy about food from the taste to presentation, and every dimension of food. And yes, the Japanese food is super delicious to my taste bud. When I stayed in Japan years ago, I never had one day spent without trying something delicious. People lining up in front of a humble store, waiting for hours in order to slurp a hot bowl of ramen or 24/24 stores catered for any kind of food crave are among things to say about Japan’s craze about food.

Once time, I read a research about the role of the word ‘oishii’ (meaning delicious) in Japanese people’s behaviours towards food. The way they say the word oishii actually enhances their appetite and appreciation for food. It’s a mental kick. The word is more of a catalyst rather than just a praise. Every time I switched on TV when I used to live in Japan, I always could find at least one channel airing shows about food. Those shows are flooded with words  ‘oishisou’ (look delicious) and ‘oishii’ (delicious). Japanese movies are not simply about the direct, straightforward showcase of food an recipes. They don’t just stop at being the food porn; they are about food bringing people together, about food calm and inspire people. In this post, I will write about my favouriteJapanese movies or dorama about food. Japanes food-based movies are categorised in different style: light-hearted , tranquil diners to the heated , chaotic kitchens. This post is about my favourite slice-of-life, light-hearted Japanese food-based movies / dorama.

1.    Kamome Diner:


This movie is one of my most favourite movie about Japanese cuisine although the movie was set out in a country far from Japan.

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Copenhagen (2014) – A lovely summer song

No fighting scenes, no gory bloodshed violence, no big pep talks or serious thought-provoking lines,  also, no big movie stars. “Copenhagen” (2014) has nothing to claim itself as blockbuster or must-watch movie of this year. I’m just teasing you. 🙂 I’m teasing you hard.  It’s true that the movie “Copenhagen” doesn’t have any of the trendy requirements for a successful movie above. But it still stands out among one of the best movies in 2014. And it’s true again.

I happened to know this movie thanks to my colleague’s recommendation. She told me she watched this movie last week, and Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, looked lovely in that movie. I nearly jumped when hearing the name she mentioned. Hell, yeah, Copenhagen, my most favourite city of all cities, the city I visited and never forget, the best 5-day trip ever in my life. All my memories about Copenhagen flushed to my mind: the sunny, chilled summer days, the hot grilled sausage sandwiched in crispy hot bread served in every 7-11 convenience store, the fresh cherry sold in boxes in front of the central station, the Danish girls gorgeously biking around cities with their fluttering floral skirts , the laughter from the Tivoli theme park right behind the central station etc. Copenhagen, it’s the city of joy and happiness, the city of fairytale, the city that I love dearly. So, when I knew about that movie, I definitely had to watch it. The name Copenhagen itself was already appealing to me 🙂

To be honest, the movie was better than my expectation. I came to watch the movie with the sheer intention of checking my beloved city Copenhagen on screen, re-seeing the places I went to in Copenhagen on screen. But the movie is more than a showcase of the lovely landscapes like some movies with the city names pinned on.  The movie is about the quest to finding your self, and the courses of human relationships.

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